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There is more to bowls than just learning to bowl the woods. You need to understand the other duties and the etiquette that could save you from embarrassment during matches.


1.   Be conversant with the laws of the sport and practice them.

2.   Be punctual to commence play at all matches and come to each game correctly dressed

3.   Keep quiet and refrain from moving when players are on the mat.

4    Stand behind the mat while your opponents bowl.

5.  Always stand still at the head (non bowling end) when a player is about to bowl – movement at the head and

     talking at the mat are very disturbing.

6.  Always allow your opponent the right to the head as in the Laws of the sport.

7.  Walk close to the centre of the rink with minimum delay when changing ends otherwise you could distract play on           

     the next rink.

8.   Keep track of play, do not delay play, always bowl with minimum delay.

9.   Never deliver your bowl before the previous bowl has come to rest.

10. Every player at the mat should assist in collecting bowls when the end is completed and score agreed.

11. Always pay your skip the respect of waiting for his/her decision – never step on the mat and indicate which way

     you intend bowling – wait for the Skip’s instruction.                                                                 

12. Never applaud lucky woods  - accept them graciously.

13  Do not complain about lucky bowls – they tend to equal each other out over time.

14. Respect the green surface at all times. Do not drop woods onto the green and stand on the bank.

15. Win or lose, always shake hands with your opponents and thank them for the game.

16. If you lose, be a good loser. Don’t blame your loss on other people, the green or the weather etc.

17. If you are playing on your home ground, offer your opponent a drink after the game. Probably he/she will on do

      the same on theirs.

18. In a singles game be sure you thank the Marker, win or lose. Learn to be a good marker and help others.




PLAYER 1. Place the mat along the centre line, at least 2 m. from the rear ditch and at least 25 m. from front ditch. Deliver the jack to the length indicated by the Skip. After completion and agreed score, if a winner, prepare the next end. If a loser, help with collecting the woods.


PLAYER 2. At the request of the Skip maintain scoreboards/cards, after scores have been agreed and check these

are correct and agreed with the opponents.


PLAYER 3. Advise the Skip of state of the head and if requested, measure any disputed shots with the opponent.


SKIP.  Has sole charge of the team and all players must follow the Skip’s instructions. He must resolve any

disputes with the opposing Skip. Skips may delegate duties to other players i.e. scoring, but must notify the other Skip.

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